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marxism. they feel the united states of america won't be the united states of america anymore. >> i don't totally agree with everything that ed said. i'm not as far to the left as ed is. >> no. but you are an ideologue. >> i am not. >> you are pursuing an agenda. >> absolutely not. >> you're upset because i'm expressing my opinion. >> i think ed shultz put his finger on something that is important. day in and day out. >> finger on something important? >> there are people, lou, i don't want to call any names, but there are broadcasters out there saying day after day after day that white house is preparing is concentration camps. that there are death panels s. >> if anyone is saying that, we should be saying their names. >> who are they? >> michael savage. you hear similar kind of talk from rush limbaugh. >> not similar. you used very specific language. who used that language? >> death panels, all over the place. all over the place. i mean all over the place. seriously. on your station, lou. >> concentration camps? >> they have described them in detail, that order is going to come. >> ans
health care system in america, including the so-called government option, which we believe would lead to a government takeover of the health care system in america. >> supporters warn that the status quo means too much control by insurance companies. >> congress and the president will remove the insurance industry from coming between the patient and his or her doctor. >> would americans rather have the government or insurance companies make difficult health care decisions? they're divided. democrats prefer government, republicans prefer insurance companies. should health care decisions be made by government or by insurance companies? a lot of people hear that question and wonder, yikes. those are the choices? lou? >> yikes. another poll out today from quinnipiac, bill, also showing a dramatic shift on the handling of the president's health care proposals, from just a month ago. 42% disapproved. now 52% disapprove. that's a dramatic change. what's driving it, bill? >> it certainly is dramatic change. and it could reflect an increasing volume of criticism. though, i should point out tha
of the administration to misspeak recently. secretary of state hillary clinton in nigeria saying democracy in america is still evolving. she also made a surprising comment about the 2000 presidential election in this country while on foreign soil. >> our democracy is still evolving. we had all kinds of problems in some of our past elections, as you might remember. in 2000, our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of the man running for president was the governor of the state. so we have our problems, too. >> a state department spokesman tonight told us, quote, the secretary's remarks stand on their own. >>> as we reported to you earlier, the president's poll numbers continue to fall. a new gallup poll shows the president's job ap vl pro has fallen to 53%. the latest rasmussen puts it even lower, 48%. one of those reasons for the declining poll numbers is rising concern about the president's agenda which is meeting strong resistance. a leading republican senator, senator charles grassley today reported people are scared by the president's health care plan and other policies.
-off debate tonight. joining me now, richard kur, national campaign manager of health care for america now. good to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> -- perkins, good to have you with us. >> good evening, lou. >> let's begin if we may, by just looking at -- tony, let me begin with you. you posted a series of congressional town hall meetings on your website, you provided some questions for people to ask. is that a fair charge to say that that's manufactured, that's organized from the top down? >> i wish we could manufacture the type of energy that is being seen out there across america. i can't even get my air conditioner set at the right temperature. this is organic. americans are -- they had enough. they're frustrated with the spending. and now they're talking about government taking over health care. what we're simply doing is giving some direction, letting people know where the meetings are, and the questions they ask. we read the legislation. we give them the key points. and we let them do the rest. and quite frankly, lou, they're doing a great job of it. >> do you actual organ
report. >> reporter: the white house playing the role of america's advocate or big brother? proposed changes in the federal government's online privacy rules have set off alarm bells in certain circles. at issue, a proposal to reverse a decade-old ban on the tracking of users who visit government websites. the tracking technology known as a cookie keeps information about computers and users who visit websites. the white house says that just like cookies facilitate information on social networking websites, they would help government be more accessible and transparent. the american civil liberties union agrees but argues -- >> there can also be certain precautions taken that people are confident that their personal internet usage patterns are not being collected and stored and used by the government for some perhaps nefarious purpose. >> reporter: the white house said it understands these concerns. government spokesman kenneth bair says any update of concern policy will balance the need to use new web 2.0 technologies to open up government with the imperative to protect privacy. this
. the first dollars are helpful to america's seniors, but if you really have -- >> every poll i've seen shows great satisfaction with the plan. >> i think people are satisfied that they have krdrug coverage r the first time, but they are not happy when they fall into this huge gap which will now be fixed. >> i would like to add that the drug benefit is -- you know, 30 million seniors can't be wrong. they have signed up in droves to get that. the medicare program, they mentioned earlier about the problems. let me tell you this. 44 years old. signed into law july 30th. seniors have paid in for 44 years, and they have paid their dues, they are now concerned about the massive cuts that are facing this program. >> gentlemen, we are really out of time. i apologize. i'm sorry. go ahead, ron. real quick. >> it's hardly misleading. there's waste in the system. >> we got the part where you disagree. we appreciate you being here. ron pollack head of families usa. james martin, founder of 60 plus association. gentlemen, thank you. i wish we had more time. let's go for an update of the other major stories
, anxiety, frustration, the -- i think the americans -- america has been traumatized by the debate. because of the labelling of certain situations, such as the ho hosspice panel being called the death panel. there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding. >> he did have good news for the president and saying that he saw it a good sign in recent days the president has shown more flexibility and potentially doing away with the public option in this whole plan. as a moderate conservative democratic senator, senator nelson is saying that is a good sign, and he thinks that in the end, while he could not support a bill with a straight public option in it, he could support a bill that scaled down, that just does insurance reform, and includes the public option as sort of a secondary option if the insurance companies do not make the changes that washington wants them to make. so what's interesting is opening a door there for the president, that if he scales back his reform efforts, he might be able to get a scaled back bill through the senate. so far, the white house is not showing any signa
of america, 4%. both bank of america and wells fargo tells cnn those numbers are misleading. they have many more offers in the pipeline and they have increased staffing. bank of america says it's much bigger than other banks and has more applicants to process. wells fargo points o s out, it financed many hundreds of thousands of loans outside the program. some consumer advocates worry there's not enough bank oversight. the treasury department says it is watching the banks. there's even a help line. which brings us back to the kollars. when they called, the representative said, we can't strong arm the bank for you, and told them to talk to a housing counselor, which they'd already been doing for months. >> it all comes down to money and it does not appear to be in the banks' interest in the long run to do this. >> banks say they're doing the best they can. as for the kollar, a spokesperson from bank of america says the bank based their information on bad information and will offer them a temporary payment. they'll monitor his earnings to decide if he should get a permanent new loan under the
as everything else? at bank of america, it practically does. use the bankamericard power rewards visa credit card and earn rewards like cash back with every purchase. cash you can put into savings. or even use to help pay down your credit card balance. it's one of the many ways we make saving money in tough times a whole lot easier. >>> president obama's approval rating is falling sharply. two major national polls showing a 6% decline in the president's approval rating last month. health care, the economy, just what's behind the president's declining popularity, the subject of our faceoff debate tonight. joining me now, jeffrey guerin, democratic pollster, president of peter hart research associates. great to have you with us, jeff. a and president and ceo of a polling company, kelly ann conway. >> thank you. >> let's look at the most recent polls here, start with the abc "washington post" poll which has declined from 65 to 59%, the cbs "new york times" poll from 63 to 57%. nbc/wall street journal 56 to 53%. jeff, should the white house be worried? >> well, nobody likes to see their numbers
that people can watch what's happening in america. >> the american people want health care reform and we're going to do health care reform. in spite of the loud, shrill voices trying to interrupt town hall meetings and just throw a monkey wrench into everything. we're going to continue to be positive and work hard. >> the senator reid's comments clearly directed at protestors like these exercising their rights to protest. here's how one lawmaker reacted to such a demonstration in long island, new york. >> no one is talking about the government taking over health -- >> oh, no, no! >> another congressman under fire for supporting the president's health care plan, congressman lloyd dogget who was heckled over the weekend. >> just say no! just say no! >> and along with that, an angry protest in philadelphia attended by health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius and arlen specter. here's what happened when the senator talked in the meeting. >> we divide up the bill, we have to make judgments very fast and -- [ crowd shouting ] [ inaudible ] >> the senator obviously slightly taken a
they should have, they should be prosecuted. the cia is not above the law and america doesn't want them above the law. if nobody committed a crime, nobody gets prosecuted. >> gary? >> the cia operated under directives given by the federal government, then others provided them advice. there was significant leadership oversight during the bush administration on this, and it sounds more like a battle between the justice department of the bush administration and the obama administration than it does the cia. it's unfortunate it's being so positi politicized. they're going to now need their own attorneys. they're not going to want to step out and take any risks at all. i can tell you from my experience in 2001, it was hard to find people to fill out the teams in 2001 because a lot of people didn't believe they would be protected. >> robert, do you hear what gary is saying that, this is essentially going to create somewhat of a chilling effect. how do you respond to that? >> we're talking about people who went behind the guidance. the cia can't hide behind a veil of secrecy, nor can it sub-contract
carry that stuff too. the all new chevy traverse. america's best crossover. >>> the area home to many relatives of the victims of the pan am flight of the 103 bombing. last week, the only man convicted in that attack which killed over 200 people was set free. he received a heroes welcome. >> three weeks ago, he came home to find his fence gone, a dozen of histories chopped down, and fast at work at store. maybe 40 vehicles inside that property. >> reporter: when the libby yan leader attends the assembly next month, in the community of even gel wood, new jersey, the libby yan community refuses to comment. and the terrorists to be in our neighborhood. >> he lives just a few miles away and lost his brother in the bombing of pan am flight 103. >> that was the last chapter. i didn't realize something else could be slapped in the face. >> if gadhafi is allowed to set up his tent in englewood -- >> as if 189 americans were not massacred and citizens were not and not only does the town lack the resources and security to deal with the libian -- >> they believe he has american blood on his hand
to dismiss those voices. >> the groups are not necessarily representative of america. >> reporter: the angriest protestors have been called evil-mongers and accused of being rabid for their dissent. conservative groups like the heritage foundation argue that the mocking and name calling is meant to quiet the debate by making the protestors feel embarrassed and foolish, for being afraid of government and asking questions. heritage notes, six years ago it was the democrats' turn at dissent. >> in 2003, hillary clinton said that the most patriotic thing you can do is to agree with the administration. >> reporter: last week the white house went on record saying "this white house supports free speech, but many, including supporters, were concerned that the white house was getting too heavy handed after opening up an e-mail account, a heavily criticized program designed to shore up the white house line on health care reform. that e-mail, shut down today after it sparked cries of big brother and a lawsuit from the aclu. now, there's plenty of name calling on both sides and some republica
house admits they're not bringing this home to people. why the status quo is not working for america. and why people who may be comfortable with their insurance now may not be able to count on the current system being for them, both economically, or in terms of having coverage down the road. this is a way to get it out of the process of washington, the committees, the quarreling chairman and remind people fundamentally why we have to do this. obama's been trying to do it. he hasn't broken through with a clear enough message yet. but he's out of washington, he's going to montana, campaign style, this is where he's in his element. >> and in political terms, he's in his element, and i guess the rest of us are supposed to say, hoorah, but the reality is, we still -- as you point out, we are one, two days away from when he wanted this thing packaged up and ready for signature. and the fundamental question you're posing hasn't yet been answered. >> are we better off? i think there's a lot of evidence to say that we would be better off, departing from our current system. that the current sy
analyst. she was let go in march joining the ranks of america's unemployed. now her savings have just about run out but she still can't find work even after taking classes to get her mba. >> it's been so slow this last year that no one is calling. no one is hiring at all. if they are, i'll go for an interview and they'll tell me they have 150 interviews at the same time. resumes that they're going through. >> another american has lost his job. >> the coalition for the future american worker has been running these ads. u.s. unemployment is at 9.4% near the highest levels in decades while u.s. companies are still bringing in foreign workers. according to data from the u.s. citizenship and immigration services, more than a million foreign workers and trainees were granted working status on temporary visas last year. immigration services have received petitions for 41,000 visas for skilled workers for the upcoming fiscal year. that's less than the cap of 65,000 visas but still represents tens of thousands of high paying skilled jobs. this group advocates stricter immigration controls and
-existing condition" become a thing of the past... we're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on. >>> well, tonight we continue our series of special reports, jobs now. we're reporting on what happened to that initiative to create millions of new jobs in this country. our unemployment rate has nearly doubled in less than two years, now stands a 9.4%, more than 30 million people without johns are working part time instead of full time. the obama administration passed an almost $800 billion economic stimulus package, and at the same time. promised millions of new jobs would be created or saved. billions upon billions of dollars have gone out the door, but that has not resulted in job growth that many expected. lisa sylvester has our report. at this new york state labor department career center, laid-off workers tweak their s resumes and look for job leads. the job search is tough. >> the way i've been seeing it since i got laid off, if you don't know somebody in the job, you will not get the job. >> it's a lot of competition out there. i'm kind o
're america's health insurance companies. supporting bipartisan reform that congress can build on. it's critical that i stick to my medication. i cannot be one of the 61 million americans who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy automatically refills my prescriptions and reminds me to pick them up. you mean, reminds me to pick them up. [ chuckles ] stop by your local cvs pharmacy to ask if readyfill is right for you, and get a $25 coupon book. readyfill, only at cvs pharmacy. >>> one day after presidential advisers said the swine flu could kill 90,000 people in this country, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said today that closing schools would not stop the spread of swine flu. her comments come as schools are preparing for both the start of the school year and the flu season. >> what we know is that we have the virus right now traveling around the united states and that having children in a learning situation is also beneficial. lots of kids get fed at school, it's a safe place to be, and we want them to continue to learn. so what
not be an obstacle to health care reform, and bob borsage, codirector of the campaign for america's future, who says there is no health care reform without a public health insurance plan. good to have you both with us. let's begin with the issue that started this division, if i may, gentlemen. let's listen in. >> all i'm saying is, though, that the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it, is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it, one aspect of it. and by the way, the' both -- >> well marshall sounds like the president there agrees with you. does he? >> i think the president has kept the public option in the right perspective, lou. he said it's important, he'd like to get it but he has never said that it's the crux of health care reform and he's defined repeatedly what he thinks are the key elements of a successful reform package and that's never been the center of it. others in the democratic party have elevated the public hopgs to a much higher place in their thinks, and they're not happy with them because they think he's ready to -- >> bob, doesn't sou
. but there's no obama plan in place right now. >> no. which is only in america, 2009, would we be having a conversation. it doesn't exist, but let's get it done. and, by the way, it should have been done today. >> doesn't it tell you something about what's going on? what's really inspiring them? doesn't it raise a question when they show up and there's a certain level of hysteria and certain of irrationality about what they're saying? people are saying we don't want a form of socialized medicine. and somebody says, well, how many of you are on medicare? and half the audience raises their hands. it is the quintessential socialized medicine. >> as you wish. but let's take a look at another part of the problem, and that if we can go to this, this is from the cnn/opinion research corporation poll completed just a few days ago. are you satisfied with your health care? yes, 83%. no, 16%. the most recent rasmusson poll think 65% are satisfied -- >> but, lou -- >> we'll do something odd here. we'll let you finish your sentences and i'll finish mine. 64% are satisfied with their health care. go a
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Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)